Kirily has always been meticulous about presentation and efficient organisation. Since I met her in 2008, any environment she had a presence in – work, home, events, her daily lunchbox (not an embellishment!) – have been a work of art. I got to witness Kirily’s organisational skillset firsthand as a colleague at a desk beside hers for over five years.

Not only did she have an immaculate work space of her own but she made our entire area of the office structured and well-presented (dare I say envied by our other colleagues). Kirily implemented similar systems in all departments and in the common areas of our workplace also. If you need structure and want a beautifully presented space.

Kirily is the organisational genius to talk to.


I just want to thank you for being such an amazing force of ‘greatness’ ,‘patience’ and ‘ firm-kindness ‘.

Kirily is devoted to take the time to understand my goals, dreams and aspirations, and has a unique insight to help others to move in a positive direction, both professionally and personally.

Many tools have been implemented and streamlined, and my business flow is a dream now!

Having you in my life is a gift , I will cherish forever …

Warmest thanks

Lindy Goodall
Satori Organics

I can’t thank Kirily enough for the support and direction that she has provided me in the short time that I’ve known her. 

 Having only moved to Queensland in the last 12 months, Kirily has not only played an integral part in my settling into a new home with her organisational skills but has and continues to guide and assist me in both my personal and professional life.  Using life lessons, personal experience, a caring and genuine nature and being able to get straight to the point, I truly appreciate all that she has helped me with so far, which has included the occasional bit of tough love when warranted, to assist me in pushing through my limiting beliefs/ mindset.

 It is these and a number of other reasons that I can’t recommend Kirily highly enough and wish to thank her for all that she has done for me so far. 

 I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future and see the success of our respective endeavours.

 Thank you.


When i started this process to declutter my house i remember thinking..”how on earth will this whole house be declutteted. Not possible!”. But guess what, the day is here! Apart from 1 box, that i can sort through at my leisure, the whole house is decluttered. I sold things, donated others and did some dump runs.

It feels so great to be decluttered and organised! And i am not wasting time looking for things as everything has a logical place!! The best part is that Kirily has given me so many tips along the way and new habits have been created. This month has seen a real shift in my thinking and i now know i can maintain this going forward.

I feel free of clutter and organised and i love this feeling! It feels great, i am saving time and money (cause i can find and see things) and i have created healthy habits to go forward!!

Thank you so much Kirily. I could not have done this without you!!


Thank you so much Kirily for everything you’ve done for our family and our home. In a relatively short span of time, you have transformed a space that to be honest was chaos into a beautiful home for us! I did not anticipate how calm, relaxed and yes, BLISSFUL it would feel to be in our home after you helped me tidy, declutter and organise it.

Prior to your help I had been thinking we would have to go the trouble of selling our current house and move to a bigger home to fit all our belongings or to just have space to relax in. So happy we don’t have to go to all that trouble and expense as we love our home. I highly recommend Kirily’s services – she is fantastic! Professional, helpful, respectful, and excellent value for money.

Don’t put it off if you are thinking you might need  some help to get organised -trust me, you won’t regret employing Kirily’s help!

Thank you again Kirily, you are a miracle worker!


“Kirily was an absolutely, incredible life coach, whom I created a fantastic relationship and bond with. Her training’s were manageable and created specifically for me and my situation. She helped me feel prepared for the future, and showed me how to live up to my full potential. Since my first session with Kirily, basically every aspect of my life has improved because I now have direction. As a young woman turning 20, I knew I needed to start thinking about life after Uni.

With Kirily’s mentoring, not only are my surroundings more organised, but my GPA in University is higher, I have created more friendships because she has helped me see my values and thanks to her, I have started a job in the field I am studying. Kirily’s sessions were always something I looked forward to and now even a few months on after sessions have stopped, she is still in contact with me for anything I may need. She was a fantastic mentor whom I recommend to all those around me”.


I had the pleasure of working with Kirily a number of times for professional organising and am blown away by how amazing this woman is!  She is so much more than a good professional organiser!  I have worked with a number of professional organisers in my past, but none that come close to Kirily.  

She is not only very professional and efficient, but also makes transformations a breeze. If she can work easily with a challenging client like me (with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Agoraphobia), then she can work with absolutely anyone.

What I really love about the way she approaches an area I was struggling with, was not to just ask me the normal question of “What would you like to do with this?” like many have before, but to identify the choke points and provide me with strategies and ideas for solutions, and where possible delegating or outsourcing.  Also to remind me to work at a more gentle pace for me which is more manageable and realistic, rather than allowing me to take on too many jobs and trying to start 10 things, when in reality I may only get to completely finish 2.

Kirily has been amazing at keeping me accountable in a loving way and also holding my focus on the one task at hand until it is completely finished.  This in itself is an amazing achievement and something I have struggled with a great deal. I look forward to working with her again in the future.


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