“Kirily was an absolutely, incredible life coach, whom I created a fantastic relationship and bond with. Her training’s were manageable and created specifically for me and my situation. She helped me feel prepared for the future, and showed me how to live up to my full potential. Since my first session with Kirily, basically every aspect of my life has improved because I now have direction. As a young woman turning 20, I knew I needed to start thinking about life after Uni.

With Kirily’s mentoring, not only are my surroundings more organised, but my GPA in University is higher, I have created more friendships because she has helped me see my values and thanks to her, I have started a job in the field I am studying. Kirily’s sessions were always something I looked forward to and now even a few months on after sessions have stopped, she is still in contact with me for anything I may need. She was a fantastic mentor whom I recommend to all those around me”.