When i started this process to declutter my house i remember thinking..”how on earth will this whole house be declutteted. Not possible!”. But guess what, the day is here! Apart from 1 box, that i can sort through at my leisure, the whole house is decluttered. I sold things, donated others and did some dump runs.

It feels so great to be decluttered and organised! And i am not wasting time looking for things as everything has a logical place!! The best part is that Kirily has given me so many tips along the way and new habits have been created. This month has seen a real shift in my thinking and i now know i can maintain this going forward.

I feel free of clutter and organised and i love this feeling! It feels great, i am saving time and money (cause i can find and see things) and i have created healthy habits to go forward!!

Thank you so much Kirily. I could not have done this without you!!