Turn Hectic into Harmony – Plan and Schedule Your Time.

Don’t start the day under a cloud of chaos, start your day with a calm, organised flow that sees you tick off your tasks one by one BUT always remember to prioritise your list, the tasks that may not get your attention on the day make them your at the top of your list for the following day.

By starting the day with a plan it allows you to have clarity and focus, it gives you the directions for your day, similar to a road map. Plans and scheduling also help you to make your goals seem more realistic with a touch of documented accountability. Goals and growth are only possible when you plan the what, how, when and why? Gather your thoughts, develop the game plan, give it a time frame, than create a plan that is broken down into achievable chunks. To finalise the process schedule the plan into your day, followed by regular scheduled revision check points.

Scheduling – Pain Points and Simple Cures. 


‘Your week is planned, you have meetings everyday, you can answer emails as they come in, staff needs can fit in wherever, any priority jobs you can do at home, internal meetings can wait, and you will just wing it with everything else.

Feeling good…are you?

It’s all in the planning. Jot down everything you need to do throughout the week, prioritise all tasks, and estimate time frames. Block out periods of your day that are purely dedicated to each task; meet with staff either first thing or last thing each day, have meeting days and try to stick to them and remember if  you need to micromanage staff….you have hired the wrong person/people’. 

‘Everyday when you get up you know just what to expect from your day….how do you know this, because nothing ever changes in your world. You are predictable Pete/Patrice or are you just stuck in a rut?

Time to start planning, turn your life upside.

Write down what your dream life looks like. Cover areas like – family, friends, work, personal, health and finances…let this be the start to new beginnings. From your vision start to develop a plan of how you can achieve this life. Your plan needs to be realistic, achievable and a step by step guide to unlocking your full potential. Anything is possible if you have self belief , motivation and the courage to step outside your comfort zone daily – with all this you will have success’.

Strategise –  Prioritise – Organise – Maximise