Why would you choose me to help mentor and guide you through your journey…well, let me assure you why I am the person you need on your team.

As a youngster, I always had a bit of spunk in my stride, I radiated confidence, displayed definite direction and, at times, had an adult like manner. I took pride in my belongings, my appearance, the presentation of my room and school work, played house whenever mum would let me and always was my own worst enemy when it came to ensuring things were done perfectly. I suppose you can say 'being organised and striving for bigger and better things was in my blood’.

I am a person of compassion, understanding and have a natural ability to draw the best out of anyone. The desire to help others has followed me through life; to me there is nothing more rewarding than turning someone’s world around. Sharing my passion and assisting others to develop a harmonious flow to their world is hands down my niche in life.

Throughout my career I spent many years in the Early Education sector, where routines, structure and flow were essential. Within my Teaching/ Director/HR roles I ensured my bookwork was spot on, deadlines were always met, all facets of the curriculum catered for and my room or centre/s were presented to the highest standard. My days ran like a well-oiled machine. From here I moved from strength to strength always trying to enhance my skills by ensuring I took on new tasks that provided me with a challenge whilst allowing me to put my organising, mentoring and people skills into play. I thrived on running departments, putting new systems in place, motivating colleagues to strive to meet their highest potential and providing a clean and well organised environment for those around me to work in. I was the one who rearranged the office regularly, decluttering and cleaning the communal areas and ensuring always that everyone had guidance on how to keep it that way. When there were no more areas for me to wave my magic wand over, I'd find something new to organise like trade expos, facilitate personal development days or community events. It became clear to me I could sniff out chaos from a mile away; I had a natural flair for implementing order when needed.

I believe that success is enhanced from being organised, having self-belief, maintaining motivation, documenting a clear plan that reflects your personal goals and always keeping yourself accountable. Seeking the support from a Coach is the first of many steps toward you ‘Unlocking Your Full Potential’. When we step outside our comfort zone, wonderful things happen!